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Located in the Andaman Sea, Barren Island is 138 kilometers (86 miles) northeast of Port Blair, the territory's capital. It is the only active volcano in India as well as the entire series from Sumatra to Myanmar. A submarine emergent volcano known as Barren Island, which is a part of the Indian Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and is located above the subduction zone of the Indian and Burmese plates, is widely known.



Apparently, the Andaman Islands' Barren Island has resumed erupting in 2018, and visitors from all over the world are flocking to the islands just to witness this event. Here are the most recent images of the 2018 eruption of the desolate island volcano.


Although having a modest goat population, it is a desolate location devoid of human habitation, therefore living up to its name. Birds, bats like flying foxes, and a few kinds of rodents like rats are also known to endure harsh conditions. Also uninhabited and devoid of any substantial vegetation.



Barren Island falls under the restricted zone, and visitors must obtain specific permits in order to visit the island. Barren Island is also off-limits to visitors. Barren Island does not permit overnight stays, so you can arrange to travel there in the morning, perhaps departing at 3 or 4 a.m. Almost 4 to 5 hours are needed to get to the island. Visitors typically travel by ship, so even if they don't actually land on the island, they nonetheless experience its entire allure. Only with the agreement of the forest department and after obtaining the required permits can the Island be visited by charter boats.


Barren Island must be visited via private charter, yet you can engage in sport fishing while traveling there. Moreover, snorkeling is an option for the tour. Advanced divers can also go diving at Barren Island. On this expedition, every Guide will be accompanying you.



How large is the island and how tall the volcano is?


The volcano is 354 meters (1,161 feet) tall, although most of it is submerged, up to a depth of 2250 meters. The volcano and its lava largely cover the 3 km-long islands.


Where is Barren Island located?


The only way to get to Barren Island is by chartering a boat from Havelock or Port Blair since there are no regular boat or ferry services there. The amount of time it takes to get there varies on the weather, the water, and the type of boat. Only one firm currently offers frequent charters to Barren Island on a fast Gulf Craft, which takes two hours to get there from Havelock.


Can we able to get down the volcano island?


Unfortunately, it is not allowed to land on the island for security and safety concerns. To enable you to see the volcano properly from our boat, we may take you extremely close to the island.


How secure is the journey, especially for young people and the elderly?


The boat is outfitted with all necessary safety gear, such as life jackets, VHF radios, GPS units, and distress signal transmitters. The boat contains a cabin with chairs and a first aid kit. All of our crew members have received emergency response training.

Please be aware that some people may become seasick owing to the open sea and waves. It is recommended to take motion sickness medication 30 minutes prior to the journey.


What are the schedule details and length of the journey?


The journey departs from Havelock around 5:30 am and typically ends at 3 pm. The duration is between 10 and 12 hours. The sunrise may be seen from the middle of the ocean by the passengers, and morning is the finest time to go fishing.



What about lunch and breakfast?


Onboard meals include a packed breakfast, a prepared lunch, and drinks. Furthermore available onboard are cold refreshments and bottled water.


How large is the boat, and how many passengers can it carry at once?


Two 250 HP engines are powering the 36-foot-long boat. It can go at a top speed of 40 knots. The boat can accommodate 12 people. On the Barren Island trip, we only allow a maximum of 8 passengers in order to provide a comfortable voyage.



Does the boat have a bathroom?


The boat does indeed have a toilet and a water supply.



Whatever kind of fishing is done on the route?


Barren Island offers opportunities for trolling and popping and jigging.


Does the bundle include fishing equipment?


Yes, the price includes the purchase of the fishing equipment. However, given the high cost of the equipment, there will be a charge for any damage.



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