Boat Scuba Diving at Neil Island


The basic scuba diving adventures are one step behind boat scuba diving. One of our top suggestions for novice divers is this dive trip.

The typical type of diving for beginners is shore diving; boat diving is distinct from shore diving. In boat scuba diving, we travel by boat to the dive location before diving off the side. You board the boat, put on your gear, and jump in. The diving experience is entirely different when done on a boat.





• NO Swimming Skills Are Needed


• Underwater Video and Photography


• 12-Meter Maximum Depth.


• Boat Ride Included


• You are accompanied underwater by a certified scuba dive master.


• 2 hours in total, including training


The trip starts at the designated time (depending on the booking slot you receive) at the diving shop, where you get outfitted with the necessary scuba gear, including oxygen masks and jackets. As soon as you arrive at the diving facility, you receive a briefing on what to do and what to expect throughout the day. After that, you spend some time practicing skills in shallow water and getting familiar with your equipment.



You receive basic instructions on how to operate the equipment underwater along with numerous signals. Before the dive, all required safety precautions are taught. We adhere to the general guidelines and suggestions provided by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). You receive assistance from certified professional divers both when you dive underwater and when you jump off the boat into the ocean.

We travel to the diving site on a boat for this diving excursion. Once you've completed all of your training and fundamental knowledge, the boat voyage will begin.





• Diving equipment


• BCD Jackets


• Oxygen tank


• Dive suit (Dry clothes)


• Divemaster escort


• Changing room


• Photos and videos





• Lunch.


• Any other Scuba Adventure.


Activity maximum depth is 12 meters; how far you dive depends on your comfort level and the instructor's judgment (we want you to have fun, but safety always comes first!). The length of the dive is determined by you, how much oxygen you use, and how comfortable you are. If the training period and travel time are excluded, this program can last up to 45 minutes. The total time allowed may not exceed two hours. We return to the dive shop after this boat diving excursion. You freshen up here at the center and return your diving equipment to the diving center.


Activity Duration


The activity lasts for 60 minutes in total, of which 20 to 30 minutes are spent diving underwater.


Reach Dive Spot


You have to get a cab from Hotel to Nemo Beach it will drop you off at 10 mins and by the same, you have to get back to the Hotel.


You can get the cab from us instantly YOU DON’T HAVE TO BOOK IT FROM AN EXPENSIVE CAB VENDOR.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What Does Our Diving Program Include?

A) Typically, your scuba diving package includes all equipment, instruction, a guide, images, and movies.


Q) What criteria of quality are upheld?

A) All PADI and SSI-certified schools' professional standards are upheld by Andaman Island. Safety is given top priority, and there are strict regulations in place for the diving experience.


Q) Who travels with us underwater?

A) A Diving Master follows you underwater.


Q) Is it safe to do a boat dive?

A) 110% safe, because we have professional PADI & SSI certified scuba divers in our team, and our boats are equipped with the latest rescue technology one more thing a separate rescue boat will be on standby for the 1% worst situation.

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