Dinner Cruise in Andaman


The extraordinary dinner sailing experience is provided by the distinctive vessel known as Dinner Cruise. This ship boasts an open deck, an onboard bar and restaurant, and a glass-bottom underwater section. You can have a panoramic view of the beautiful islands from the open deck.




  • Go on the sightseeing boat and spend some time admiring Port Blair's coastline.
  • Sip on your favorite ice-cold beverage and unwind: Choose from soft drinks, wine, and beer.

There is plenty of room on the deck for people to roam around, snap pictures, chat, or dance.



With our open decks, take in the sea view and feel the wind on your hair. Experience the sea enchantment on the dinner cruise decks, which are sure to provide you with a cruise experience unlike any other.



The ideal way to spend a romantic evening in Port Blair while touring the island is on a dinner cruise.



You may enjoy our hospitality, food, music, and the sights of the coastline as we cruise from Phoenix Bay Jetty.




Policies on Cancellations

If you cancel more than two days before your trip, you'll receive a 100% refund.


10% cancellation one day before the trip's scheduled departure.


On the same day of cancellation, there won't be any refunds given.


With Live DJ on the Floor 



Weather-related policy


Weather-related cancellations and technical issues will result in a full refund.

Any additional claims resulting from uncontrollable events won't be honored or reimbursed.

Leaving from the Phoenix Bay Jetty/ Junglighat Jetty, you are in for a wonderful, gorgeous experience as you sail along with various islands in Port Blair drinking your favorite beverage, and listening to tropical music. A relaxing vacation activity that lets you take in the breathtaking scenery is a dinner cruise.





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