Parasailing at Corbyns Cove Beach


In 2018, North Bay Island and Corbyn’s Cove beach in Port Blair both introduced parasailing. Parasailing was one of the most exciting and anticipated pastimes in Port Blair. You have the opportunity to view the lovely island from a fantastic vantage point during this activity. The specialists meticulously examine all the safety precautions to keep you secure throughout the trip. The equipment utilized in this activity is regularly maintained and tested to ensure a smooth experience while you are gliding through the air.





• Parasailing at Corbyn's Cove Beach


You must first get in Corbyn's Cove around 3 PM if you plan to go parasailing at Port Blair's Corbyn's Cove Beach. You can present your tickets at the Parasailing counter and participate in this activity. If you want to go parasailing on North Bay Island, you must first take a boat from the Water Sports Complex to North Bay before you can participate in the activity. Verify that you arrive at North Bay prior to 10:00 AM. The knowledgeable Andaman Cabs team will advise you on the best times to go parasailing in Port Blair.



To ensure that your experience parasailing goes well, all of the equipment is regularly inspected and tested. You have the chance to see the gorgeous beach shoreline and all the other attractions once you are up high in the air. If you love adventures, you will adore this incredible activity that will give you a surge of excitement.



How Does It Work?


You will receive a 10-minute oral orientation on the best procedures to adhere to while on your excursion.

Your chest and waist will be fastened with the parasailing chute, which will then be attached and latched to the boat's pulling mechanism.

After that, we'll transport you to the open ocean not far from Corbyn's Cove Beach, where your amazing adventure will start.





Frequently Asked Questions


Q) What Does Our Diving Program Include?

A) Typically, only Parasailing activity includes in this only.


Q) What criteria of quality are upheld?

A) Anyone can do this activity those who are above 7 years.


Q) How much time duration for this activity?

A) 20 mins including a fun ride.


Q) Is it safe to do parasailing?

A) 110% safe, because we have professionals in our team, and our boats are equipped with the latest rescue technology one more thing a separate rescue boat will be on standby for the 1% worst situation.


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