Reef Looker Semi- Submarine Glass Boat Ride at Elephant Beach



The coral reefs and marine life off the coast of the Andaman Islands are among the best. Every visitor to this place is mesmerized by the vibrant fish. Not everyone wants to go a deep-sea dive. With Reef Looker, you have the incredible chance to explore the heavenly marine life from the cool cabin of a semi-submarine.



The sensation of being underwater is another wonderful thing to anticipate. When you're in the observation dorm, the water surrounds you on all sides, and the 45-degree windows provide the impression that you can see even farther below as the light fades into the darkness.



Everyone can participate in this activity because all ages can simply board and disembark the vessel. Senior elderly and others with disabilities can board the boat with ease. Overall, this is the ideal family activity.



The fact that there are no restrictions on the depth of deep waters a semi-submarine can explore is one of its best features. Semi-submarine can explore far deeper seas than scuba diving and glass bottom boats, where you can find rare fish species like big tunas and manta rays.



During the voyage, it's normal to see schools of vibrant fish swarming about the submarine and giant fishes making abrupt jumps.

The submarine investigates the seas surrounding Elephant Beach in predetermined locations that are known to have a large number of fish and corals. If you enjoy exploring, this will be a genuinely fascinating experience.



The semi-submarine is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for children. It counts for something to allow them to see the undersea world, which they have never experienced. Also, the sheer number of fish, both big and small, fascinates and motivates them. Throughout the entire journey, you may anticipate kids to be restless and adventurous.



The Vessel: 


  • The Reef Looker Semi-Sub Marine is a vessel with suitable safety features that were as built by Subsea Systems, Australia.
  • The boat is made with welcoming Entrance and Exit locations that are suitable for persons of all ages cozy.
  • A cozy sofa-style seating area in the viewing dorm.
  • The boat can accommodate up to 15 persons on a single trip and has full air conditioning.
  • A superb viewing angle is provided by the viewing glass's thickness and 45-degree inclination.





Frequently Asked Questions: 


Q) Does this activity indulges any wet moment?

A) No, you will be in a vessel for this amazing activity.


Q) It includes Pickup & drop?

A) In a clear manner, this activity does not include pick up & drop by car but the vessel will be from the spot.


Q) Is this boat safe?

A) Yes the boat is totally safe, it has ring boyas, life jackets, and distress GPS equipment on the vessel.



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