Sea Walking at Havelock Elephant Beach


The Andaman Islands' Sea Walking was the first to be introduced on Elephant Beach. In India, this Sea Walk was the first to go into operation. The Elephant Beach Sea Walk gives a truly special experience, and the reefs there are excellent. You will have certified, knowledgeable guides with you while you are performing the Sea Walk underwater.





• Photographs Included


• NO Swimming Skills Required


• Assistance Underwater


• Underwater for Up to 20 Minutes


• Fascinating underworld


• All gears included


After you reach Elephant Beach, your voyage officially starts. You'll be taken to the Sea Walk pontoon after you arrive at North Bay Island. Wait your turn before using experiencing Sea Walk. For up to 20 minutes, take advantage of the underwater experience to explore the fascinating underwater environment. Your underwater walk will be made easier by underwater guides.


As you return to the pontoon, you will receive photos of your adventure that were taken underwater.



Thinking what is Sea Walk Actually?


You might be thinking of getting some supernatural power so that you can walk on the sea bed….

No, Its not possible as we are all human and we need Oxygen to breathe.

So come and find out what is sea walk and how it’s actually done.



Your head is covered by a safe astronaut helmet with a visor. Ordinary breathing is made possible underwater using a special mechanical assembly. You are always connected to the pontoon's surface oxygen supply. All you have to do is unwind and stroll over the sea floor as if it were a motorway. Scuba divers will be available to help you if you need it. This activity does not involve swimming.



Booking Procedure


An instant confirmation voucher for the reservation will be given to the customer. But, within 24 hours, our executive will call you to reconfirm the booking and the timings.

If the requested times are not available, an alternative schedule will be created for the customer, and a new confirmation voucher will be emailed to them.

In the alternative, the customer has the option to cancel their reservation, in which case a full refund will be issued.



Policies on Cancellations


Up to 48 hours before to the activity day, you may cancel your reservation without incurring any fees, and from 48 to 24 hours prior, a 100% refund is applicable.


Certain activities might be canceled due to unforeseeable weather circumstances or governmental constraints, and in such cases, we would offer a workable alternative.


Does Sea Walk have an upper age limit?


Sea walk is open to everyone over the age of nine and younger than sixty.


Among those prohibited from participating in this activity are:


• Women in pregnancy.


• Older adults who are above 60.


• People who have heart problems.


• People who have breathing problems.


• People who require care or are taking a lot of medicine.


• Individuals that suffer from mental illnesses that make them anxious or distorted underwater.



Frequently asked questions:


Q) How far will we travel on our sea walk activity?

A) Depending on the location, sea walking often takes place at a depth of 7-10 meters.


Q) Is it secure? Does the pressure make it uncomfortable?

A) Absolutely, it is completely safe because the equipment is built to resist high pressures and can support huge loads for extended periods of time.


Q) Is swimming knowledge required for this water sport?

A) No, you don't need to know how to swim to go on a sea walk because you won't be swimming in the water; instead, you'll be strolling on the sea's surface.

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