Trekking in Andaman Islands



Saddle Peak Trekking:



The majestic Saddle Peak in Diglipur rises from the luxuriant evergreen forest and provides a stunning view of the North and Middle Andaman coasts. It is the highest point of the Bay of Bengal archipelago at 732 meters. The area is a bio-diverse natural paradise, as the dense rainforest is home to over 13 native bird species, 36 native insect species, and 6 native tree species. The area of the forest is now a National Park because of its biodiversity. Saddle Peak is well-known for trekking and is ideal for thrill-seekers.


Baratang Island’s Lime Stone cave Trekking:



Explore Baratang Island, the Jarawa Tribal Reserve, the limestone caves, the mud volcanoes, and enjoy a boat ride across the Andaman Sea. After being picked up by an AC cab from us in Port Blair and traveling through the Jarawa Tribal Reserve, the actual journey begins.



You'll take a fiber boat to Baratang Island once the road stops, where you can go to the limestone caverns and mud volcano. You can spend a single day exploring the Andaman Islands' lush splendor thanks to this action-packed, manageable trek.




The Andaman Islands' sensation of sun, water, and sand is well encapsulated by Baratang Island. Despite having clean beaches, lush woods, singing birds, and stunning mangroves, Baratang Island in the Andamans chain is still a little-known travel destination. The limestone caves, your objective on this hike, are tucked away in a dense forest not far from the ocean. The limestone and calcite minerals used to create the caverns' distinctive rock formations.


Elephant Beach Trekking:


The Andaman Islands, an archipelago comprising hundreds of islands, are incredibly abundant in biodiversity, fauna, and natural wonders. Because to the island's breathtaking landscapes, hiking locations are among the top tourism attractions for animal advocates, photographers, and conservationists. These hotspots, which are dispersed throughout Havelock Island, spare no effort in casting a spell on visitors. If you're looking for excitement and adventure throughout your vacation, these are the ideal locations for you. With its diversity and originality, the energizing wildlife of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is likely to take your breath away.



In general, boats can be used to access Elephant Beach. Yet, trekking to this beach is a fantastic adventure and a must-do for those tourists who want to fully experience Havelock Island's natural appeal. Depending on how quickly you move, it will take you around an hour to travel to this stunning beach. Before you get to this Andaman Islands’ natural beauty, you have to travel through marshland and a mangrove forest.


Chidhiyatapu Trekking:



The Andaman and Nicobar Islands have drawn tourists because of their stunning natural surroundings and diverse native flora and fauna. And Port Blair, the union territory's capital, upholds this reputation. But, a journey to Port Blair would be lacking without a stop at Munda Pahar, the city's most well-liked and tranquil tourist attraction. To really appreciate this location's splendor, we advise making a short hike to an elevation that offers the most breathtaking sunsets, which are sure to stay in your memories forever.



This beautiful trek's entranceway starts in a gorgeous place. In close proximity to Chidiyatapu Biological Park, Munda Pahar Beach, also known as Chidiyatapu Beach, is a well-liked tourist destination. The beach is a haven for those who love the outdoors and is rarely crowded. Several tourists come to this beach to observe birds in addition to taking in the refreshing ocean waves. You have the option of visiting this beach either before or after the hike. You can visit the beach whenever you wish because it is so close to our property.


Mount Harriet Trekking: