Kayaking in Andaman Island


Kayaking in Andaman Islands


Kayaking in the Andaman Islands is a fairly well-known hobby that has attracted the curiosity of several individuals. The activity is now carried out in Havelock Island, but we anticipate that it will also be offered in Port Blair within a year. Around the mangroves, kayaking is popular in the Andaman Islands. You are accompanied by a guide while kayaking. You receive some brief instructions so that you can become comfortable with paddling and using a kayak before the trip even starts. This is followed by the start of our kayak adventure, which takes us to a mangrove site through a sea route.



Make sure you're wearing a life jacket while kayaking in the Andaman. Prior to starting any expedition, safety must come first. A guide is with you the entire time to ensure that you're comfortable and to take care of any issues that might arise. Bring some drinks with you on the kayaking journey to prevent fatigue. Children are allowed to participate in this sport and may do so by riding in the back with the rider. Even before we start paddling with kids on board, factors like age and physical makeup will come into play. If you plan to go kayaking with your children, be sure to inform the Andaman Cabs Services Executives.


Kayaking in Port Blair


Another fantastic location for kayaking in the Andaman is Port Blair. In 2019, a group of explorers who are really passionate about this sport initiated the activity. In Port Blair, kayaking is done outside of the city at "Veer Savarkar Park," a protected wildlife park with a lot of calm waters, mangroves, and tiny islets.



And subsequently, ................. What better way to enjoy this than to kayak through the thick of it all and savor the moment?

This experience is both calming and invigorating due to the winding path through the lagoons, shaded by deep woods and mangroves, as well as the birds and other creatures.


Bioluminescence Night Kayaking Tour in Havelock:


The nicest experience one may have on Havelock Island is night kayaking after sunset. Whether a solitary traveler or a group night Kayaking activity provides you with memories that endure long after. Also, you can see the bioluminescence if you travel during the winter. From November to February is when bioluminescence is most active.



‍Bioluminescence is one of the most stunning wonders of the world. One type of phytoplankton in particular, which moves through the water and glows at night, is the cause of the blue-tinted glow underwater. There are specific points in Andaman where they are visible and Havelock‌ Island’s mangrove forest is one of the best places to see them.


Mangrove Kayaking Tour in Havelock:


Havelock Island's mangrove woods are some of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands' most densely populated. One of the nicest spots to kayak is in the lagoons that flow through these forests' shade. Although there are occasional modest river leaps and gentle turns, the stream is generally steady. You may feel the shadow enveloping you on all sides as you continue your exploration, and eventually, it will widen to reveal an expansive vista of the sea. an occasion to anticipate.




In a party of no more than six people, a typical kayak journey through mangroves is conducted with the guidance of an instructor.


Safety Tips Before you for Kayaking: -


  1. For utmost safety, make sure to hire an instructor for the entire trip.
  2. Before embarking on for a kayak excursion, have all the permissions approved because the Forest Department protects the majority of the Andaman areas.
  3. Wear life jackets at all times traveling.
  4. To ensure you are not left behind, stay near to the group, especially during the night time Kayak.
  5. The water surfaces in mangrove forests are muddy, so try not to get off the Kayak during the voyage.
  6. Before you set out on your kayak adventure, leave all of your phones.
  7. Cover your phone with a waterproof case to keep it safe if you intend to bring it.


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