Shore Scuba Diving at North Bay Coral Island


One of the most well-liked water sports in the world is scuba diving, and the Andaman Islands aren't immune to it. In addition to the serene beaches and delectable seafood, diving is what draws many tourists to the Isles.


One of the densest ecosystems of coral reefs and forms can be found in the underwater coastal belts that encircle the Andaman Islands.


Most of the islands are surrounded by extensive reef systems that are typically several hundred meters wide. Shallow waters separate the islands from one another, and volcanic lava hills add to the uniqueness of the experience.




• Scuba Diving for Beginners


• No Swimming Skills Required


• Diving in North Bay Island


• Certified Scuba Dive Master accompany you underwater



The second-best diving spot in the Andaman is on a tiny island called North Bay, which is close to Ross Island. The island's shoreline features a rich coral population and crystal clear, turquoise water throughout, making for a stunning diving experience.


The diving is inexpensive here compared to other locations in the Andaman, but the cost of the boat and transportation may add up, so it is best to reserve in advance.


Because the island is so small, there is nowhere to go for more sightseeing or exploration; therefore, it is excellent for those looking for a unique diving excursion and who don't mind devoting an entire day to the experience.



• Diving equipment


• BCD Jackets


• Oxygen tank


• Dive suit (Dry clothes)


• Divemaster escort


• Changing room


• Photos and videos




• Journey to North Bay Coral Island by boat.

• Transportation from one hotel to another.



Activity Duration

The activity lasts for 60 minutes in total, of which 20 to 30 minutes are spent diving underwater.


Reach North Bay Island

You have to get a boat from the watersports complex to North Bay Coral Island it will drop you at 10 mins and by the same boat you have to get back to the mainland.

You can get the tickets for North Bay Coral Island from us instantly YOU DONT HAVE TO STAND IN A LINE.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How many days are needed to go scuba diving in the Andaman?

A) Currently, a half-day is sufficient to complete your diving if you are a beginner and wish to try diving for fun. Make sure to reserve your time slot in advance. The aforementioned beginner or non-swimmer diving programs can be finished in a half-day. However, if you're interested in taking advanced courses, it can take you between 4 and 30 days to finish the course in its entirety.


Q) What Does Our Diving Program Include?

A) Typically, your scuba diving package includes all equipment, instruction, a guide, images, and movies.


Q) What criteria of quality are upheld?

A) All PADI and SSI-certified schools' professional standards are upheld by Andaman Island. Safety is given top priority, and there are strict regulations in place for the diving experience.


Q) Who travels with us underwater?

A) A Diving Master follows you underwater.


Q) What happens if I bring kids; how do I dive?

A) If you are bringing children, you will need to dive in turns. If there is room during boat diving, a youngster may board the vessel.


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