Baratang Island, located between Middle and South Andaman, is the first gateway up north from the capital city. It is around 140 kilometers from Port Blair and so requires an entire day to appreciate its magnificence. The most popular natural attractions, the limestone caves, are nature's own architecture, having evolved organically in the Andaman Islands. You may reach these caverns by walking through extensive mangrove trees, which are a visual treat. They have formed as a result of years of rusting. Here, you will see a wonderful texture that will leave you speechless. The limestone formations protrude from both the roof and the floor. It would be a miraculous experience to witness nature transforming, evolving, and producing gorgeous architecture.




Baratang Island is less developed, but it is still a great natural treasure. It is not a prominent tourist destination because not everyone is aware of this Andaman Island hidden gem. There are no tourist attractions, fine restaurants, or luxurious accommodations. The bulk of the people in the area does not speak English. But believe us when we say that all of this adds to the beauty and natural radiance of the location. Fortunately, the island has not yet been commercialized, which is a positive thing.




Adding the unique limestone caverns would be an extra feather to your Andaman holiday, as its magnificence would leave you speechless. A natural wonder like this is extremely rare to find anywhere else.


It is recommended that you bring enough cash with you because there are only a few ATMs on Baratang Island. The ATMs here are restocked every four to five days. As a result, when exploring limestone caves, you should have adequate cash with you. If you visit Port Blair on this trip, you won't have to worry about cash because it has numerous ATMs and you won't have any problems.


Best Time to Visit Baratang Island


Baratang Island is best visited between October and March. These months provide good weather, which is great for touring. However, even the cooler months of October and March may feel warm to some visitors because exploring the main attractions on Baratang Island necessitates spending time outside in the sun.


In March and April, the temperature begins to rise. The main summer season lasts from May through June, however, the monsoon season can begin as early as the end of June. Due to constant rain and strong winds, visiting Baratang Island during the peak monsoon season of July to September is not advised.


Due to tree falls during the monsoon, the Andaman Trunk Road to Baratang, which travels through the Jarawa Tribal Reserve, is periodically closed. Due to high tides and choppy seas, even the ferries cease operations.


How to Reach Baratang



The journey from the capital town Port Blair to Jirkatang Check Post, which is located about 42 kilometres distant, takes one to one and a half hours. The check post opens only at defined periods of the day - (6 AM to 6:30 AM; 9 AM to 9:30 AM; 12 PM to 12:30 PM; and 3 PM to 3:30 PM) (6 AM to 6:30 AM; 9 AM to 9:30 AM; 12 PM to 12:30 PM; and 3 PM to 3:30 PM). Consequently, you will have to reach Jirkatang before these slots. If you are visiting Baratang for the day, you should get to Jirkatang as early as possible (between 6 and 6:30 AM) to give yourself plenty of time to explore the island before returning in the last time window (i.e. 3 PM to 3:30 PM convoy).



We departed for the Jirkatang Check Checkpoint at 4:30 AM in a private cab. We noticed a lengthy (read: several kilometers long) line of vehicles that had already formed before us as we drew near the checkpoint. At the checkpoint, we had to complete a few pieces of paperwork and present copies of our photo IDs, which our driver assisted us with. At Jirkatang, there are a few lined-up stores that open at 5 AM and serve breakfast and snacks to the people in the waiting line. Here, you may anticipate a straightforward breakfast.


Travel with our Professional Drivers



The forest administration officials at Jirkatang advised against stopping car or snapping any photos or movies while travelling through the Jarawa Tribal Reserve. Continued traveling as 6 AM rolled around, following a forest vehicle. We did happen to spot a few people from Jarawa tribes on the way, but as instructed, we didn't stop or click. Another hour of journey on the ATR (Andaman Truck Road) took us to Middle Strait Jetty, where the tribal reserve ends. Many cars would be parked at Middle Strait Jetty while they awaited their turn to board a boat. Public restrooms are also present here.


To get to Limestone Caves, one must first travel a really interesting trek. To get there, you must take a jetty trip through the woods. The walk is breathtaking, and you will feel as though you are in the midst of nature. You will arrive at these incredible caves in 10 to fifteen minutes.


Visiting Lime Stone Cave on Baratang Island



The main tourist attractions in Baratang are the expansive mangrove-covered streams and the limestone cave formations near Nayadera. The island is famous for its limestones, which generate intriguing structures and layers when they deposit themselves either above or below the earth.



At the Nilambur jetty, you can easily board a boat to travel to the well-known caves. You may enjoy the beautiful coastline and mangrove forests along the way, and you'll even sail through mangrove-lined canals, adding to the thrill of the journey.



To view this natural splendour, you must descend for roughly 1.2 kilometres from the wooden pier at Nayadera. Massive formations that dangle from the ceiling like chandeliers decorate the cave walls here.